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Thanks, I appreciate it! I of course see all the flaws, but overall I'm happy how it came out. Especially since it's the first involved project I've done in a decade+.

It does have a fair amount of space inside. The bed area is 4'+x7', the highest point in the ceiling is 5'. cant really see it, but under the bottom self at the foot I have a fold down wall that I'll be building some sort of small pocket behind.

I biggest thing I'll have to change is my water tank. I had put together a, roughly, 11 gal tank out of 6" pipe. I of course did not test it before getting it in there. At first the outlet fittings were leaking a bit, got those stopped. Then there were a couple spots at the couplers that had pinhole leaks. With the little space that I have, I couldn't really get in there with silicone to seal it up. At this point I'm just gonna get a couple 5 gal jugs to fill and switch as needed. With the space were the tank is, I'll frame out a shalf on the interior over the door side wheel well and get some more shelves back in the galley. Can never have enough kitchen space! Other than that it's more just finishing touches, adding doors, etc.

@amd - do you just refill the normal 1lb tanks? From what I was seeing I would need to get "refillable" tanks. Wasn't sure what would really be different.

I will probably look at getting the 20lb tank hooked up in the future. I won't want to be messing with the small tanks for too long. I could spend my winters in Az though, haha. I thought the buddy was supposed to be safe indoors? It wouldn't be anything to add a detector though if need be.

@SVTCTR - the camper I had got was a pain to get off. All the screws were underneath the laminate. I ended up just just prying and pounding it off, a lot of the screws just pulled through the floor.

The top and pop-up posts came out nice. You could save the top and build a new bottom space if you can't get it up clean. Eventually I'd like to get a long bus so I can have a garage space at the back door to haul a motorcycle.
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