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Default Swap gauge faces/needle removal

I installed a cluster from a Pathfinder with a clock into my '97 and the illumination is much flatter, ie. less hot spots from the light bulbs.

The speedo works, but I got a VSS code. Reset, came back after about 50mi, reset, has stayed off after over 100mi. The odometer/tripmeter also don't work, so I was looking for a way to swap the gauge face onto my original speedometer and the needle which is a slightly different color. I unscrewed everything from the back and front, and looks like it wanted to come off but the I couldn't remove the needle by tugging and don't want to break anything. Did not find anything about needle removal when searching.

Any tips or suggestions for the easiest way to get the preferred face and working odometer. Would prefer to keep the correct mileage too.
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