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Originally Posted by Al from Jerz View Post
Well doesnt look like im gonna be able to get this done this weekend, other things came up. But you guys are makin me a little nervous about the install, I was planning on doing this one side at a time with one jack on the frame and another under the axle. I figured the drive shaft would not be able to slip out as long as one leaf is ubolted on at all times.

Any tips on what not to do? or typical noob mistakes?

could i just use one jack under the axel to get the pressure off the leaf and undo the ubolt, without lifting the frame?
Did mine for the first time took about 30min.
I jacked up the whole rear of the truck and a jack stand on each side towards the rear on the frame. Left the axle hang and with a jack in under the diff. One side at a time loosend the u bolts then picked up on the jack and slid the block in between and intalled new bolts and tightened up. ( helps if you remove the shock so it dosent pull on the plate than reinstall) repeat on other side. First I did 2" but I wanted more low so got 3". Bolts are the same on both kits so just lossend the bolts slid new block in and tightened back up.
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