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When I ran my '93 D21 truck at a stock height, I used KYB MonoMax shocks & They were the best shocks that I have ever used. With a Torsion Bar Front End & a Leaf Spring Rear End, the ride is always going to be stiff....... your choice as a owner is: Stiff & Bouncy or Stiff & Not Bouncy........ without Coil Springs or Airbags, the stock suspension is always stiff. With lighter vehicles like a VW Bug, Torsion Bars, are not that bad, but with the D21's, I have never ridden in one with the stock suspension set up, that had a nice as ride as a car with coil springs. If you don't ever want to use the truck to carry anything in the bed, you can remove a few leaf springs, so the rear will travel more freely & improve the ride quality tremendously, but will sag if you ever do carry a load.
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