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Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
install the poly leaf spring bushings if you want that truck bounce LOL

HEELLL NAH!! When I used to work at Firestone, just after I bought my truck, I would pull in the back way and there is a little dip as you pull in, well my truck would run right through the damn thing and holy shit would that ass bounce up and down.

I was curious about it one day and decided to drop the tail gate and see how bad the rear shocks where.. well I weigh enough over 200 lbs, and sure the rain is wet, I bottomed out my rear suspension.

Come to find out the rear shocks had been replaced with cheap Gabriels that were leaking and the front where the original factory shocks that came on my truck.. so yea now it sits at the stock height and rides much better..
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