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So I sat down and broke the two down by the numbers and here is what I came up with.

I compared a 1989 S13 hatch 5 speed to a 1990 D21 Reg cab 2wd 5speed.

-Both Nissan Built
-Both KA24e
-Both Front Engine Rear Drive Config
-1st thru 4th gears same
-Significant Racing History with Official Sanctioning Bodies.

Not Same:
-(s13) (d21)
2680lbs curb-------------roughly 2800lbs curb
-IRS ---------------------Live Axle
-Struts -------------------Torsion/Leaf
-R200 w/4.083-----------H190 w/3.545
-0.759 O/D---------------0.838 O/D
-Unibody------------------Full Frame
-Horizontal In. Plenum---Vertical Throttle Body
-Rack and Pinion----------Recirculating Ball

I'll add to the list as I think of more things.
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