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Question Rebuilding Nissan 1989 D21 Twin Cab HardBody Pickup

Hello PWs ,,,,,,, this thread will be related with Nissan 1989 D21 Double Cabin HardBody Pickup, i will completely rebuilt it from top to bottom , it is fitted with Toyota ?L? diesel engine which is I think in not a good state , at present I cannot conform the gear box as I haven?t checked it but I guess it?s also been swapped , it?s a 4*4 model but front transfer has be removed which mean it?s only running on rear wheels , I have checked the body and I think in spite of neglected and parked in open air since 2011 its still in solid condition and I just spotted rust on couple of places which is not a big deal ,
I don?t want to rebuilt that engine/gear ,,,,,,,, I think its batter swapped both of them ,,,,,, will decide later which one to choose ,,,,,,,,, body will be completely repainted ,,,,, color I can change and later will decide which one suits it ,,,,,,,,, front and rear suspension also need to rebuilt and all mechanical work will be done by me , for paint I will chose 3S ,,,,,,as always comments suggestion and healthy discussion are always welcome ,,,,,,,, I never work work on SUVs and especially this car is totally new for me so I will really on some experts of D21 ,,,,,, thanks
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