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Default Replacement 4x4 questions..??

So, my tranny broke. was driving the other night around town trying it out, not even getting into it. had it upto 65mph in 5th gear and BOOM!!!! lost all of my gears except 4th. so I used the remainder of 4th gear to limp me back to my shop.

WHY, did this happen? im thinking because I swapped out my rear end with a hb233 rear end out of a 5spd 4x4 95 pathfinder. thinking maybe that is what did it in?

now im fucked and need a tranny BUT I have some questions....

I have an 1987 4cyl 4x4 5 spd pathfinder "e".

--will a 1997 hardbody ka24e 5 speed tranny work?

--will I need that same 97 front diff also?

--Will that 97 trans work with hb233 rear end?
ka24de-t 2dr 4x4 5spd pathfinder with
-264 cams
-xessive intake manifold
-450wally pump
-full 3" exhaust
-holset hx35
-1kcc bosch ev14 injectors
-Nismotronics ecu
-Arp main, head, rod bolt studs
-cometic mls
-decked refreshed head
-.10 over cast piston rebuilt bottom end
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