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that's very nice work, MS. i appreciate you imguring it for us. yes, more details,please...whenever you have time.

it looks mighty spacious inside, and good storage, too. the slotted panel boards are a smart idea.

i am digging the hot water setup , and the solar panels, and the rest of it.

i have a big buddy heater i use in my shop/office/barn when it gets really cold.

i love it.

i have a valve i use to fill up my extra 1 lb. tanks from a 20 pounder.
( you have to turn the 20 lb. upside down to do this, since the propane is in a liquid state.)

i also have a 12' gas line and tank fitting, purchased from tractor supply co. that i use to run it from a 20lb. tank.

i ( and the little buddy company) recommend buying a $12 little buddy inline fuel filter to use the 20s, screws in where the tank goes on.

i didn't at first and it will eventually clog everything up after a while, well worth the money.

also buy yourself a 9 volt powered carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector, so you can safely leave the little buddy on at night.
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