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Originally Posted by static drop View Post
Bearings changed, replaced tension Rod bushings and, turned the steering box adjustment 1 full turn. Truck drives noticeably better. Still darts around a bit but nothing like before. Left front tire to the eye looks to be positive cambered maybe a little but doesn't appear to be wearing the tire abnormally. Alignment coming soon.
I had this problem really bad on my 94 ext cab. I had changed all the ball joints, outer tie rods, and everything seamed to be tight. had the alignment done several times. At this point I didn't drive it much it was my backup truck. No one I had look at it could find what was wrong, and I hadn't either hints why I had others check it. Finally started checking everything again and it was the upper control arm bushings. Cheap and easy to change. If its still darting and you haven't changed them that is what I would do next. Mine seamed tight till I took the upper ball joint off the knuckle and that's when I could move it. This also explains why when I took it back for the alignment a second time in 3 days the tow and camber had moved. Now it drives like a new truck.
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