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Originally Posted by XoXSciFiGuy View Post
SBJ knows his stuff...he is right almost every time about these things.

I have some add-ons. If you never want a gasket to leak again on a water pump, don't use RTV silicone on the gasket. Use the old fashioned Permatex brown stuff. Light coating, not heavy. That stuff never leaks again. The only downside is if you ever have to remove it. It's a little tougher to clean off than silicone.

I know this sounds silly...but have you checked your radiator drain plug to see if it is tight and not leaking? White drain plug, drivers' side, near the bottom of the radiator.

Sometimes the only way to identify a damn coolant leak is to fill the radiator to the very top, put the cap back on it, and then start it up and crawl under the radiator area with a flashlight.
I have checked, and it's only leaking from the water pump. I can't really tell exactly where on the water pump it's leaking from since I can't quite get the best look but that's the only place it's coming from.

There may be a hose affected too tbh but none of us could feel any leaks on them. Thankfully I have some money coming in soon from work so I can get this taken care of in the next couple weeks.

Super glad to hear it's easy to replace, too.

Replacing the thermostat is a good idea. Any recommendations on brands or does it not matter too much? I don't want to cheap out if I can't help it. I plan on driving this thing for a good long while.

Thanks again for y'alls help.

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