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I figured I would land some info:
the AT 4l60E(electric controlled shift) trans fits LS and SBC blocks.
the 4l80 is beefier and also fits the blocks.
for manual the T56 fits (came from camaros, trans am etc) but go for about $1000-2000.

the motors can be cheap. the trans is not.
you can use almost any trans and get an adapter. some use jeep trans.
you can use standalone harness and ECU or do your own wiring.
you can convert any LS to carb or vice versa.
they all use the same coils.
SBC and LS motors use dif exhaust manifolds.
a standard 4.8L motor weighs pretty close to the ka24e.....
buy truck motor use 6.0L intake.
several dif types of LS heads. 6.0L heads weren't good.
cannot use corvette trans...that was mounted in the rear on the axle...unles...mmm
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