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I try not to touch Fords. :-)

Seals went in well this a.m. It's interesting, at least for this rail version, that the injector's washer just mates (touches) the intake manifold's seal with nothing aligning them (e.g., something from the injector down through both. So it is very easy for an injector to not have its jet aligned into its port. Care's needed to get them right before final-tightening the rail's two mounting bolts.

Anyway -- they are in. Small, but not big improvement. :-(

Reading elsewhere, I decided to try something that previous I'd never even consider trying -- pulling the spark plug wires, one-by-one, while the engine is running! Egads!

Wore heavy leather gloves, and had a blanket between my body and the truck to prevent grounding-out. And ... #1 cylinder is weak (little effect on idle quality, unlike #2, 3, and 4).

With the compression test saying that cylinder #1 is fine, I'm guessing injector. But will likely swap in a different spark plug wire to eliminate that (spark sounded strong, though), and maybe check the distributor cap and rotor (almost new, in terms of miles). Then I'll try one of the old but still good injectors that I saved. If none of those fix it, I guess the injector wiring is the only thing left? I doubt the cam is wiped.
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