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Overall awesome.

The damn powerplant feels like a nuclear reactor at 282 whp, 221 lb/ft.. Just effortlessly catapults the car forwards. Torque steer for days in first and second. About as quiet as stock, but snarls when highly provoked. Spot on.

We drove the car 1,050 miles each way to Gainesville and back to Killeen. In between drove six (6) 20-minute sessions around a road course. Drove an additional 150 miles or driving around at our destinations, and at the end drove back home to Shreveport.

A total of 2,500+ road miles with two (2) hours of hot lapping a race track stuck in the middle.

Never skipped a beat.

Total mechanical mayhem: One ac compressor, which failed for our way home. Changed the oil.

More plans for when it goes back to Ashton in a few months.

Engine/Drivetrain & Mechanical

Fine tune the ecu. Polish a few minor spots where it flutters with AC, a/f ratio tweaking, plus turning up the boost (from 7 pounds) to 10-11 pounds in 3-4-5th gears.
P11 5-speed
Nismo differential.
ATI Super Damper
2J Racing roll center correction kit
Oem exhaust manifold heat shield coated to match.
Custom AC compressor heat shield.
Clean up, polish, or coat anything ugly.
Alignment per Mike K/Blair spec at the best race shop.


Autopower roll bar with diagonal.
VDO Oil Temperature gauge.
Fix VDO water temp gauge.
Ditch A/F on dash install in glove box.
Make all gauge lights follow oem dash gauges.
Replace all "Grain Of Wheat" lights on center console, hvac and buttons.
The vent control binds up.
Reupholster back seat to match fronts.
Reupholster upper front door cards with custom splint pulls.
Recover a-pillar trim.
Recover rear tray and make speaker holes disappear.
Remove rear speakers.
Oem+ black dome light.
6-pt harnesses.
Modify existing seats.
Rework 3-pts for fluid operation.
Small 2-channel amp, 50-60/side, for the front speakers. Keep the existing sub.
SE-R window cranks.


KH3 Super Black paint.
Replace all rubber seals.
Seibon CF trunk.
Seibon CF hood (hood pins).
Nissan duck-tail spoiler.
Paint/powder coat brake calipers f/r.
Fix rattles in both doors.
NOS '93-94 tail lights.

Looking pretty:

I never get sick of this:

A buddy of mine driving it hard and shaking it down.

'94 V6, 4x4, ext cab, auto. '93 SE-R, original owner, a couple mods.
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