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Checked out the Pro-4x and it was a little rough. It had some lovebug damage and the rear axel looked like it was leaking/seeping. It's at a Dodge dealer and I don't think they even looked at it before putting it on the lot; it barely looked like they washed it. When the salesguy saw how clean my '08 Bullitt was, he pretty much knew I wasn't going for their truck. It drove nice, but I think I can live without the options and add stuff myself if they're all out of my range.

Went back and looked at the certified SV. It's really oddly optioned as it has the moonroof, running boards, and mudflaps, but doesn't have the SV Value Package. 3 of the guys at the Nissan lot were Mustang guys and they were all over my car and they're trying to be fair with the trade-in price.

The only odd thing is that they were saying they can't dealer trade for a new truck optioned the way I want, because Nissan only gives the incentives to the original dealer that received the truck. That sounds stupid to me. We bought my wife's Mustang through their Ford store last year, and they got us the exact car we wanted; I gave them the VIN from and they called the dealer that had it and made the trade. We got all the incentives and paid $1,000 under invoice. It would be stupid of Nissan to make sales more complicated than that, IMO. I think I'm gonna go to a different Nissan dealer and see what they say.
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