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The TBI might give you issues, but there are only 2 injectors to fix on it. The MPI Pathy is going to have 6 injectors. They might be smaller than the 2 on the TBI, but they cost the same when priced each, and all injectors have to be replaced at the same time. At $200 a pop, that definitely makes you think, "WTF?" when looking at a MPI rig.

Years ago, I talked my mom into going from her Toyota Camry into an Isuzu Rodeo (it was when they just came out, and they were wildly popular). Yes, the Rodeo was a great little truck, but my mom sure was upset at how much she was spending on gas. Does your wife understand that she's going to be filling up twice as often with twice as much fuel?

Here's a pic of the old Rodeo the day it got written off as totalled by the insurance company with mom and dad's truck (now mine) in the picture from 2001. A tornado grabbed the house, picked it up, turned it 180, and dropped it in pieces all around. The 2 vehicles were in the garage, and were not lifted - but the debris that smashed all into them was more than insurance was willing to pay. Dad only carried liability on the little Hardbody, so he was "stuck" with it.

Bigger pics, linked because they will not resize:

Showing the Isuzu Rodeo and the Hardbody:

Showing my mom with her Rodeo in the background:
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