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Default Frame rust repair, and over-haul progress.

So I took it about myself to play in the snow aaaaannnnnddddd I did this.

After eating this ditch I decided "Hmm, I should probably fix all of you."

1986.5 Nissan D21 V6 King Cab 4x4

The damage from the ditch eating wasn't bad, a few little dents, I only lost the the right marker light, idler arm, pop out side (R) glass, and totally mangled my center support bearing.

But I know her frame has been trying to disintegrate on me, so I decided just to patch it all up. I also put in the 22 gal gas tank I got in a junkyard and replaced my 16 gal tank while I was under there. We used alot of steel, and while it looks rough, I assure its probably stronger than factory with the 3/16 plate we used.


The air nozzle is for comparison of how much we cut out. I cannot tell you how many cutting wheels I went through.

Hopefully I attached the images right, otherwise I will have made a real ass out of myself.

The previous ding-dong of an owner jacked it up on 2in blocks, and did nothing besides raise the T-bars. He even used round U-bolts on the axle instead of square! Idiot! So I took all the crap out and returned her to her former (perfectly acceptable height) glory. She rides on 265/70/r16's.

If anyone could answer some questions for me though, that'd be awesome. I can post more pictures too as soon as the snow thaws.

1.) Can all D21 use the same style marker lights? I particularly like the 88' year split marker lights.

2.) Does anyone make/have a front 22gal gas tank mount or know where to find them? I had to fabricate mine out of 1/4 steel and did not have fun doing it.

3.) What's the difference between the 4WD and RWD center support bearings? Pretty sure mine had the RWD bearing.
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