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took it down the road for a nice highway test drive. Truck doesnít lose any power actually pulls great in all gears at any speed. I made an offer on the truck to reflect the repairs and he agreed. He was a straight up person we actually exchanged numbers to do some work for each other down the road. He said he wanted someone to enjoy the truck thatís going to take care of it. I got it for 1600 in the end which for the shape no rust solid body, and frame for a 27 year old truck. Iím going to do a oil change, tuneup, all filters, drain the tank fill up with 93 octane, and start from there. Iím going to go and see if there are any codes even though no CELs, and check for vacuum leaks. I know a pretty good amount of things to check from reading through the stickyís on the forum. I was thinking of gathering the parts for the intake swap, head gaskets, timing chain, oil pump, etc... and just do all this work at once while Iím there.


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