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Thanks for the quick responses. I have been trying to buy a truck for 3 weeks. Its been a nightmare literally 4 trucks sold out from under me.
I sold my 93 that I had and completely miss it loved that little truck. So I don't want to let this one get away. It literally drives super smooth and the color I don't see often.

I looked at the truck after work offered 2K and I told him let me do some research 1st the idle scared me a bit. He told me someone was coming to look at it, and then he changed his listing saying project truck and it sat for 3 months.

This is his description sounds like most non car people and a pic of the truck:

work/project truck
Dont want to sell but I needed something bigger

I just started it after it has set for 3 months and it has a miss at idle but drives and acceleration is normal ... maybe after If I drive it it will work itself out

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