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Default Quick Question Need Info Before Buying

I'm looking at a 93 with a KA

Truck set for 3 months

Drives, pulls, shifts smoothly, and has smooth power

2 issues I noticed

When sitting and idling it will bog down to 500 rpm for a few seconds and then rev back up to normal idling RPMs. No smoking until it does this. My wife said she seen a slight white puff when it bogged down.

Second issue was the AC it blow super cold and strong. But I noticed the lines were getting frosty when I turned the AC and sit there with it running. The guy reached in and turned the AC back on.

I'm thinking possible MAF, TPS, vacuum leak possibly, tune-up, or maybe the fact it had no top side air cleaner cover possibly.

Then the AC issue I was thinking low on Freon or someone over charged it. Also have ran across issues where you don't suck the system down dry and put new in. Basically just keep chagrining the system with those quick recharge bottle eventually put way to much dye in the system.

I wanted to reach out to other HB/D21 guys that know a little more about these trucks than I do. I can get the truck or a great price so I'm not scared of some work. Just wanted to know if I should look or be worried about the worse consequences.

Thanks in advance sorry for a long help post but trying to give all info.
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