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It had that damn little wire clip holding it on.

The problem was, I couldn't tell from looking/feeling under the intake plenum. I just knew I could push down on the part that was going down, and the fother mucker refused to come off.

I bent down there with a flashlight to take a pic for YEPEE. That's when I saw it had a stinking bolt holding it down.

I've always heard the VG30 and VG33 were the same, but it is nice to see how close they are.

Can you spot which one of these intakes is from a VG30 and which is from a VG33?

I'm currently down to the water pump.

You know all those times we tell people, "If you are going to be changing the timing belt, you might as well change the water pump too while you are there."

Shit! There's still quite a bit of work to do in getting the water pump off.

Oh, it's coming off! It may have less than 65k miles, but it's getting a new water pump, timing belt, tensioner, radiator hoses, and belts.

Right now, though, I've got to stop. It turns out a special wrench is required to get the distributor off.

I can get my 10mm on there, but there isn't enough room for me to turn the wrench any on this one bolt.

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