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Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
those switches arent much but a copper contact with a spring between the plastic button and the contact. you could try some electronics contact cleaner. just insert that little tube in there and give it a squirt while working the buttons. it cant hurt.
Good idea.

The reason I haven't gone right for the switches is that *both* windows fail together, every time.

I need to take another look at the schematics. I'm an electro-mechanical tech but I worked for Metro in D.C., so I'm used to railroad symbols. I find the Nissan (and most other auto mfrs') prints somewhat hard to follow in places.

That said, my assumption is that the voltage is being dropped somewhere 'upstream' from the motor control switches.

I'm guessing that there is single 12V source that splits and feeds both doors.
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