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All my fuel leak issues have been fixed. The tank had a hairline crack at the filler neck, the vent valve was broken and the fuel return line was dry rotted. It is getting 21mpg for an in town average.

Also discovered that I have no vacuum going to the main divert valve for then vacuum controlled AC. The center vent actuator diaphragm is blown, so even if it had vacuum, it wouldn’t work. So I manually closed the flap and disconnected and removed the actuator to find a replacement. I might as well replace all of them. It is a known failure ppint with the 201, 123, 124 and 126 chassis.

And the no vacuum also explained two more things. The tire chirping transmission shifts and the random dying when releasing the gas pedal quickly, and the rough idle at startup.

There was a bad oil leak on the passenger side when I got the car. I have slowed it down somewhat, but it’s fuckin miserable outside and I have two other vehicles to drive. So killing myself in a gravel driveway in the summer sun isn’t necessary. I drive it to the store and when it is raining. The ac works well enough to keep the windows clear.

I also have a replacement climate control center I got from a parted out car. That will be here tomorrow.
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