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What I was trying to find out is, my sister has this large LED light in her kitchen, specs say it is the equivalent of four 32 watt bulbs and uses 75 watts. Well the previous owners have this LED light (which is very bright) wired to the same wall switch as the ceiling fan which also has 4 lights on it (regular bulbs).

My sister has an eye problem (born with one) and the bright LED light bothers her eye. She wants to be able to use just the ceiling fan lights but the LED light does not have a switch to turn it off.

I know I can disconnect it or remove it but want to have it in case a lot of light is needed, or someone else is in the kitchen and wants the bright light on.

I removed the plastic cover (light is 4' x 1.5') and it's just a normal 3 wire hookup. I was thinking of adding a ceiling fan pull string type switch inline with the black wire so I can turn the light on/off.

I posted a question on Home Depot's site on a switch I found and the company that makes the switch said as long as the amps are lower than 3, what the switch is rated for, it will work.

I found a amp calculator online and if I enter the 75 watts at 120 volts it comes up to like 1.6 amps, so to me this sounds like it will work and be safe.

Just wanted someone to verify this.

I would make a "U" shaped bracket with a tab on each side, mount the switch to it, and use a rivet on each end to mount the bracket to the base of the light fixture, than just drill a hole in the plastic cover for the switch string/chain to pass through.

Anyone verify this would work?
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