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Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
Things you will need to get, most of which can be used:

1. Compressor
2. Compressor bracket with belt tension idler
3. Pressure line to Condenser (and support bracket)
4. Condenser
5. Drier (buy new, such as Four Seasons #33582) & Dual Pressure Switch
6. Hard line from Drier to Evaporator
7. Evaporator and housing (Buy a new Expansion Valve, such as Four Seasons #38637)
8. Suction line to Compressor
9. A/C Relay #1 (mounted on RH inner fender closest to firewall)
10. A/C Relay #2 (mounted in fuse box middle)
11. A/C Switch on dash
12. Evaporator drain hose and grommet
13. Evaporator firewall grommet
14. New O-Rings
15. (not shown) A/C belt - Dayco #17340 fit my truck

okay, so number i also need the wire harness that connects to the ac switch behind. my 93 hb doesn't have a wire harness to connect the switch to..
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