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Default Rough Idle and SCV Solenoid clicking?

Ok let me give you guys the complete run down. I purchased a 94 hardbody a few weeks back. Clean little truck but it has a miss at idle but I could rev it up a little and hold it around 1500 rpm and the check engine light would come on and it immediately have a higher idle and was at least drivable. (Fail-safe mode.., maybe)

So then I start trying to fix the issue. Iíve replaced the plugs, wires, coolant sensor, and fuel injector for the #1 cylinder. No changes with the idle.

I tested the MAF last night and itís bad so Iím getting a new one today.

What my question is and what I canít figure out is when I turn the ignition on (engine not running) the SCV control solenoid valve is constantly clicking. I can barely touch the throttle and it stops. Let off the throttle and it starts clicking again.

What is that all about? Is that related to the bad MAF?

Any help would be great!
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