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I have an assortment. 4 spare checkerboard clusters, one working spare and the two that are in the truck and pathfinder. I still have my VG33 distributor, two spare VG30 distributors, one good driver side VG30 head, a maf sensor, a couple of VG30 throttle bodies, a door dome light switch, misc brake parts, spare fan clutch, one d21 rear bumper, spare radiator cowl, a spare set of blue inside door handles, a D21 map light and bracket, a spare flip down d21 king cab dome light, a dead VG alternator and a dead VG AC compressor, spare VG harmonic balancer and pulleys, blower resistor, AC thermal amp, spare AC idler bracket, a boatload of D21 bolts, spare driver exhaust manifold with the EGR pipe, spare fuse links from various years…..yeah that shit stacks up quick. I am sure there is more that I haven’t remembered.

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