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Default Tvr?

I am guessing that most people have never seen one of these:

1985 TVR 280i, hand built Brit car with tube frame and hand made fiberglass body. They made 876 convertibles. Powered by a Ford 2.8 Cologne V6 with a 4 speed. 31K original miles. I bought it 1 month ago.

Typical Brit dash..

Nice interior...

Ford Power:

It's currently a 4 speed, I'm going to turn it into a 5 speed.
Some sphincter took out the A/C, which I will put back in. Dickwad....

I kicked around the idea of installing a Rover/Buick aluminum V8, but the car is wayyyy too clean to mess with.
I don't think it has ever been driven in sloppy weather. The chassis is spotless.
Anyway, I have a ton more toys....

Like this one:



Ok, enough of that.
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