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Default Head gasket woes

So heres my semi-short, kinda buzzed, sorta frustrated story. Lol. Before I start, you can skip to the arrow below to read about just my issue. Bought a 1986 D21 4x4 with a very rough idle from a nice family that wanted to get rid of it not knowing the issue it was having. They mentioned it would make a knocking sound when driving and idle very bad. Mr. Grandpa used to own the truck and it was his precious workhorse, family had it just sitting rotting away. I told them I would take care of it and willingly bought it from them knowing it would have head gasket issues like a lot of Z24 motors.

I brought it home and proceeded to tear down the motor and everything was going fairly smooth. I had the head resurfaced, bought all new gaskets, new timing set, new water pump and oil pump, and a few other things. All was going well except one issue Im having is after cleaning up the block surface.

>The block surface is not warped or anything but there is minor pitting between cylinder 3&4. I used a razor blade and 3M pad to try and clean the surface. It is fairly clean but has some rings left around the cylinders, deeper on the exhaust side (from the head gasket) and also some more imprint from head gasket. Most of the sealing surface looks decent except between 3&4. What do you propose I do? Other than having the block deck resurfaced. Can I lightly sand it with a block till the pitting is gone? Or should I just leave it and throw on the head gasket and torque it down and call it a day? Thanks in advance for the help.

Please ignore the lovely oil drenched towels in the cylinders
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