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thanks for all your help, ya the production date was 08/97 maybe that is where I got the 8 from. went out and bought a timing light tonight. My manual speaks of adjusting timing with the Nissan "consult" scan tool, or a gst (generic scan tool) but also shows timing marks on the crank pulley and a pointed plate attached to the block. I just spent about an hour trying to find them, I did not crawl underneath, but I have never seen a degree plate under the crank pulley. from any angle up top you can barley even see the crank pulley, the water pump is directly on top of it, and the 3 belts do a pretty good job of hiding everything else. Are you suggesting using a light or scan tool to adjust timing? I will pull of the top hose on the EGR tomorrow and check for vacuum. Now when trying to feel movement of the EGR valve, are you feeling it from below, or does that button on top move? some of the illustrations in my manual seem to depict vapor coming out of the EGR valve. I have checked the coolant temp sens on the harness side, gnd is good and voltage is to spec., but I have not tested the senser itself. Thats on tomorrows list too.
thanks again for all your help,

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