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Most of the trucks did not come with the rear bumper from the factory, and the bumpers were added at the dealer. The roll pan was removed to fit the deluxe bumper (black or chrome), the standard or double tube bumpers fit with the roll pan, see the brochure page below, pic 9:

When I had my 87 that came with the deluxe bumper and I removed it for a double tube Smittybilt bumper, a friend of a friend that worked at a Nissan dealer gave me a roll pan that was removed from a truck when they put a bumper on it.

this is the OEM "roll pan" I got this from a junk yard truck and put it on my current 93, my truck came with a deluxe bumper but it was crap so I removed it, with bumper and without pics below, when going to the OEM roll pan, you also need to pick up the tag light that mount above the tag, they plug right in under the bed:

only pic I have of the rear bumper, you can see how it covers where the roll pan would go:

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