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You could have no issues at all if all of the electronics in your truck are working correctly.

The Factory Service Manuals do not specifically show everything that the fusible links feed to. There are, however, numerous diagrams throughout the Service Manuals that show the fusible links in their diagrams.

Every electronic component that is required by the engine should be protected by a fusible link.

Electronic Fuel Injectors and the ECM are required by the engine, so they are on a fusible link.

Headlights are NOT an engine component, so they get power from the fuse box.

Note: Fusible links typically withstand greater amperages than fuses because they supply the vehicle with current straight from the alternator (think 60A range). Since they withstand more current, they can also be used to supply current to fuse boxes. If the voltage regulator inside your alternator starts to go out, it can send spikes through your vehicle's electrical system that would burn out all of the circuits. Instead, a fusible link burns into and your vehicle runs like crap until you get those replaced.

Want to withstand an EMP blast? Carry an extra set of fusible links in your glove box. Now you are ready for a nuclear holocaust.
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