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That's a good question.

I went and measured the 4WD main leaf sitting out back.

With cursory measurement and estimation, it looks like flipping the 4WD main leaf front-to-back would place the center pin 1-3/4" further back than the 2WD main leaf is (the pins are forward-biased on either leaf pack).

You have approximately 4" of driveshaft yolk (estimating off a 240SX guibo yolk I have), which would then only leave 2-1/4" of splines left to stay engaged in the transmission. Less probably, because the yolk wouldn't likely be stuffed that deep to begin with. The yolk might fall out - although at a lowered ride height, it would only fall out at full bump, not droop, so maybe it won't be an issue....?

The rear wheel is already sitting noticeably rearward with the de-arced leafs. Another 1-3/4" further back would look even worse.

Another issue is the front and rear leaf eyes and their bushings are different. Not impossible to make it work, but likely not worth the effort.

You're welcome to try it out and post your results here.

With the amount of time I spent on this, I could have done a four-link and coilovers, and had better results.
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