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Originally Posted by Wyowanderer View Post
My '91 D21 needs a starter and I'm ready to buy one, but when I go online or to the parts store, there are are two types- one with no front bushing/nose, and one without-just a gear sticking out and no nose.

The parts places list both kinds for my truck-does it matter which one I buy?
I am not sure, but I can tell you this much: Try to avoid any China-rebuilt starters. They are generally garbage, although a good one comes along occasionally. I know a guy who runs an excellent auto parts store and he is hip to the Nissan truck starter thing. He says this:

Last two or three years, some companies in China have been buying up starter motor cores by the ton. They ship them back to China. They toss a cheap ass rebuild on them...ship them back out for sale.

Then they put a worthless 'lifetime warranty' on them. They don't even CARE if you have to keep exchanging them, crap starter after crap starter. They all come from the same place, and they already got your money. He says, 'Guess where the one you bring back in to exchange goes? Back to the same place in China. It's a vicious circle and these garbage units are making more trips across the Pacific Ocean than the US Navy 7th fleet.

He told me this stuff after the third time I had one of these junkers fail on me in a few months. Said buy new...or get one rebuilt in a place OTHER than China. Said he gets tired of having to exchange them for people, and is now advising folks to avoid them. I took his advice and bought a new one. No more problems since.

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