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Originally Posted by nunya View Post
I checked out your link Xox. I priced Leatherette, two tone charcoal/red seat covers. 263$, free shipping. Website shows nothing but great testimonials. Do you have them yourself? Like you said, pricey
Ha...I can't afford seat covers that nice. They are the best in the west, sure. But they aint cheap. The ones in my dad's Camry are really nice.

I dunno...big investment for seat covers. I hesitate to give advice without knowing what else (see: MORE important things) your truck might need. You could go with some high-grade seat covers from Amazon or the parts store, save your money for something else? Better stereo, new tires, a cool shifter, switching everything except the headlights to LED bulbs? Lots of possibilities. I guess if you get TWO for that price, that isn't so bad.

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