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I concur, it depends on barrel length. I've got an EOTech 552 on my 16" rifle. In 3 gun competitions I've made 300 yard shots on 12" plates with no problems at all. My 10.5" has an Aimpoint Pro on it. The dot's bigger than the EOTech, so it's not as precise, but that rifle is mostly for <100 yards anyway. For my 20" DMR AR-15, I run a Leupold Mark AR. I absolutely love that optic. If you want something for a rifle that's setup to reach out and touch something, you can't beat a Leupold IMO. I've got mine on a Larue quick detach mount, holds zero perfectly as long as you put it back on the same spot on the rail.

I haven't used any of Vortex's scopes, but I did pick up a Sparc II a couple weeks ago to run on my M-11. It seems like a real solid optic, but it's definitely not as pretty as the EOTech or Aimpoint :P
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