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Originally Posted by brandonodom18 View Post
alright guys i have my tractor up and going so i just need to get the tire and some rattle cans of paint and get it on the internet to sell....
My advise is not to rattle can the tractor.

I have no problems with buying an old tractor, but if I can tell it has been rattle can painted, I will not even call on it.

Rattle can on a tractor tells me someone is trying to cover up something or they are trying to ask more than it is worth.

Tractors are covered in oil, dirt, and grease. If you rattle can it, you are painting over those parts, painting wires that are color coded, and painting fuel filters in place making them hard to replace later.

Just wash it. Get some bristle brushes and degreaser to scrub off the big chunks of dirt and grease. Take it to a coin operated car wash if you have a way to transport it.

A clean tractor looks better.
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