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Default Chevy LSX information

Well I have been dreading writing this up because there are quite a few options of choices in this department and I am bound to screw something up when I write this, feel free to correct anything I have wrong. I might be a bit vague at times looking for that positive confirmation that I have the right information.

I know this is not the best source of information since anyone can change it but here is a Wikipedia link to give a few basics on the LS motors:

I personally would probably go this route if I wanted to do a swap all over again. The aftermarket parts for this engine is unreal (can be really expensive too though). You also have to plan very carefully which motor you have and where you want to go. Some motors have a 24 tooth reluctor wheel and others have a 48 tooth reluctor wheel, this makes a difference in which parts you might want to buy. The earlier engines had cathedral port heads, the newer ones use a square port head (the truck motors I think all have cathedral port heads). Some of the blocks are solid hunks of iron and others are aluminum. If you read the link posted you also have the option of a 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, and 6.0L from this engine design.

I would be looking for a 5.3 truck motor because they are cheaper to get than most of the rest except the 4.8L motor. I think the crank is different in the 4.8L so you have some extra parts to change. With the 5.3 you can just bore it out and put in new pistions if you want more cubes as they say (I know the 5.3L can easily be a 5.7L but not sure how they got to the 6.0L, might be another crank/rod change). I would get the iron block, I think I read somewhere the aluminum block only saves around 88 lbs. In the past I have seen a few stripped out holes on an aluminum block if someone was not careful putting bolts in, not that I would do this but not worth the risk. I also hear the aluminum block on start up makes more noise. The differences in heat expansion between iron pistons/rings and the aluminum block creates this noise. My final reason for an iron block, over about 750HP the aluminum version can start to develop cracks or warp over time while the iron version can take much more abuse. I would plan on some sort of forced induction so 750HP would not be out of the question. This is also another reason to buy the cheaper truck motor, why buy the expensive stuff when your going to replace half of it. I have not looked into just buying a crate motor but this could be an option as well.

This is probably just the tip of the iceburg as one might say, I have not done this so experience in this department is preferred over my guessing.
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