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Originally Posted by IssaNissan View Post
Thank You 1000 x's for re-posting this sticky!

But please, for the love of god, tell me how much resin, mat, and mesh or whatever the other stuff is, that you used to properly coat the back wall to make the back thick enough.

At work,,,,,,we sell 3.5L (I guess it is a Gallon?) cans of bondo brand resin.

And packs of 8 sq ft of mat.

And 8 sq ft of the (fiber?) I guess that's what the carbon fiber looking stuff is called.

The bondo resin comes with (2) tubes of hardener. It is a big can, but I am not sure if it will be enough?
I always use the chopped matt. The weaved stuff is stronger but you can't pull it apart as needed. Shoot for 1/4" thickness. I ordered a big roll of the matt and a 5 gl bucket of resin from uscomposites. I'd think 2 gl should do it. As for the matt.....figure your area. Width x height and multiply that by 4 layers then divide it by 8 (sq ft in a pk). Rough estimate 4 pks for the wall and 4 for the front of the enclosure. The back will be stronger anyway because it is up against a solid structure.

You will use both tubes of hardener with a gallon of bondo. Don't mix too much at a time cause it will start to gel up on you. I probably use a little more than what is given but don't add too much. In colder weather you will want extra but in the summer the extra heat will cause it to harden faster. Also the resin can get really hot and actually burn you if it stays on your skin. Make sure to wear gloves and a respirator. You don't want chemical burn in your throat/lungs or fiberglass fibers.

Just know ahead of time that it isn't a quick and easy job. Otherwise everyone would do it!
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