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Well Scooby, back when I originally enlisted that "hazing" as it's called now was just called getting smoked. You got smoked for some times simple, things or depending how much of a screw up you were, down right heinous things.

Now the Army doesn't allow these sessions otherwise known as corrective training through physical fitness, it's all about paperwork on the joes. Back when I was in, your Sgt. knew what you lacked in your PT and every time you messed up, you did any exercise related to what you lacked on your PT test. That way, next time you had your PT test, you could easily pass it.

These days, these pukes couldn't handle PT that I came up in. Running with your combat gear, rifle and pack.. hell we did that just for fun, and to train for war. The drills we had brought on stress and yelling, because in combat, it's stressful and there is no such thing as a time out when you're overwhelmed.

I saw some great leaders I know personally leave the Army because of the major shift it took while I was still in. Sadly, that shift showed its ugly head when I came back from my 3rd tour when I started meeting fat bodies who couldn't even pass the initial PT getting to the new unit. I knew then, the Army made a terrible mistake and those of us older Vets were going to pay the price.
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