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If its anything like my experiences in the past 20 years, every branch of service has changed a lot. When I first joined physical punishment was usually the first thing that happened, I am talking making a sweat puddle and not actual beatings though it happened. It was just "outlawed" when I signed up. If I didn't do what I was told or screwed up after being trained what to do I got to take a spin like the wheel of fortune. One wheel had what exercise I got and the next wheel got how many I had to do before the day was over. 500 jumping jacks, side straddle hops for Uncle Sams Misguided Children, can wear you out. 500 was the most I ever got but unfortunately it was 8 count body builders. What ever amount you did not complete before the day was done is doubled for the next day.

Now you can't do this, everything is paperwork. I tell someone to do something and they blow me off, fine let me ruin their career instead of actually train someone. I feel its kinda like spankings, you remember physical pain but a piece of paper means nothing to you until its too late. Now I feel its more like a revolving door, one person in the armed services, one person out. Don't feel bad about the Air Force, they wouldn't take me either, lol.

I am glad I served, taught me a lot an gave me something useful in the outside world. I just don't believe it helps as many people as it used to. I can't think of a good way to say this but in my opinion as a whole we would not be able to handle most events that occurred in WWII.

Back on topic though, for any government job a place to start is USA jobs. My agency has to post any vacancy up for bid there. I will say that half the time a person has been pre-selected and its just a formality but if your qualifications are better they have to have a reason not to hire you. You can also ask why you did not get the job, of course I did this 2 years ago and still never got a response but have not held my upper management to this (after finding out what the job covered doubt I would want it except for the pay raise). You should get a veterans preference on getting hired for any government job that is hiring "off the street". If your a disabled vet you really should get a preference.

For a contracting "gig" look at what your occupation was while you were in and see if there is anything similar. Example might be as an MP or a grunt you might be able to get a security job for a government facility.
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