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Originally Posted by Green-meanie187 View Post
If anyone of you served in the Army, then might understand where I'm coming from here.

Things have gotten way better with my son and his mother, and though I love the career I'm in, it doesn't exactly have the greatest of benefits, like when I was in the Army. Now for some weird reason, it's hit that soft mushy spot in my head and got me to thinkin' about going back to the Army for my kid and possibly his mother, if her and I ever did work things out.

I say the old Army, because the Army has changed A LOT since I got out in 2008. For some reason, me having a kid has changed my thought pattern to where I do miss the Army, to I should probably go back in to give my kid a good life. I just don't want him growing up all pissed off because dad wasn't home cause he was always deployed to war.

Truth is, although I miss the thought of combat, I prefer peace time more than anything. Being shot at, it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

I dunno, just thought I would throw this random thought out there.
I don't want to discuss my Army experience publicly, (you could PM if you want) but I know exactly what you mean. This happens to a lot of vets. They start having romantic notions about re-enlisting. I WILL tell you when I got out...1978. (Has it REALLY been that long? Damn, I must be OLD or something.) No, I wasn't in Vietnam, just Missouri. But I know what you mean. And I was not a draftee. I joined up the month after Saigon fell. I had always wanted to join, but the idea of going to Vietnam didn't appeal to me. My parents were big-time against the war, and once offered to help me go to Canada if I were drafted. I would have declined that offer, of course. But my draft number never came up, so I was lucky.

You could go back. They would probably take you. Maybe you could get a better deal from the recruiter this time. Like an MOS that would preclude you from serving on the front line in Afghanistan, and serve you well in civilian life after you got out.

And if you think the Army has changed since 2008, I could tell you some stories that would make you laugh about WAY Way Back Then.

The first time I saw the movie Stripes, I actually thought there were a few shreds of truth in it here and there. Without the cute dance number at graduation, of course. Post-Vietnam Low Morale, mass drinking and using of drugs, nobody cared much what you did as long as you showed up for formation, etc. Who knows? Maybe it's the same today, but I don't think it is.

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