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I got a chance tonight to fab something up that may or may not work. In a bind this would probably suit me just fine but there's not bushings from the idler arm/pitman arm to the center link now. I don't actually have this bolted up to the truck I had a spare center link lying around that I thought i'd do this to in case I ruin the current one.

First I drilled out the top of the center link to get access to the springs inside, Ripped or grinded them out and then hammered the rod ends out through the top.

Next I had some sleeves from a leaf spring laying around so I measured and cut them to length to fill the big hole.

Welded the sleeve in, fit's a 3/4 inch bolt perfectly.

And finally a coat of tremclad flat black.

The idler arm side was slightly smaller so I had to grind a slight amount off the sleeve, that seemed easier than drilling through the hardened steel of the drag link. I still don't know if this will work but i'll probably give it a try.
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