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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
> Johnber what/where is the fusible link?

Pictures and everything here:

If you pull the fuel filter off, does the fuel pump still deliver a solid flow out the line? Something could have crushed the steel fuel line between the pump and the filter.
If the filter has been replaced, and there is little or no fuel coming through the is either the line is crushed somewhere as JP says...or your pump is gonzo...or you have an electrical problem that is causing the pump NOT to come on when the key is either ON or in START position.

There really aren't any other possibilities here. (I think) You can eliminate the electrical possibility by getting into the cab when it's quiet, turning the key to the ON position...and listening for that 'whirr' sound. It should stop after a second or two.

If you hear the whirr nice and strong, it isn't electrical. If you don't, it IS. If you hear the whirr and still get no gas, it's either the pump is just not working for some reason, or the gas line is plugged with something, or the gas line crushed. It is extremely doubtful that the line is plugged, though. I have never seen that happen.

What's going on with this rig is actually pretty simple. It just ain't gettin' any fuel. Your fusible links are wires attached to the positive side of the battery cable, right up near the battery. Sometimes they look okay from the outside, but when you strip the plastic from the wire, are burned out inside. Don't forget to pull your negative cable first before checking them.

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