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Yeah. NEW bolts. Never reuse the old ones. That's been my experience. Once they've been know. Another reason he might keep blowing the gasket is that the head was slightly warped after the gasket blew the first time. I've seen some weird stuff people have tried. Like the double-gasket trick to try and 'cover up' the warp. That never works. Or the copper shim thing, which I don't trust either. When anything with an aluminum head starts to overheat, you gotta shut that engine down and like yesterday. Otherwise warpage is going to happen.

Foul Mouth says:
'When performing normal maintenance and inspection first loosen each cylinder head bolt slightly then tighten to a torque of 74-83 N.m (7.5 to 8.5 kg-m, 54-61 ft-lb). (This should be done when the engine is cold.)'
Yes. But I think you have to do the bolts in a certain order, too. The reverse order of installation, I think.

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