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Default '97 Exhaust Header (will a '95 header fit?)

I've gone through 3 stock exhaust manifolds in ~4 years. I'm sick of these horrible castings. They crack in half where the four ports become one and then the truck sounds like garbage and slogs around everywhere. I would love to just pay the couple hundred to get a nice header. I don't even care about the performance gain (if any), I just want a header that will last. The problem is, I can find headers for up to '95 KA24Es all day long but they all say they won't fit a 96 and up. Is this an emissions thing or a fitment thing? I don't have to do smog testing, so if the '95 header will fit my '97 manual 4wd, I'll slap that puppy on and drive into the sunset happy! Anyone have experience with this?

P.S. I've checked my timing a hundred times to make sure it's not a timing issue making the exhaust run abnormally hot. I think it's just bad castings causing the exhaust manifold to crack.
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