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Default 93 hardbody work truck

Here's my work truck. 1993, 4 cylinder/5 speed. 125k miles. Was given to me. One of my inlaws bought it new, cracked radiator several months back and he didn't feel like fixing it so gave it to me. Swapped the radiator/ water pump, starter and battery and been running strong since. Recently lowered it.

Cut off bump stop bracket/trimmed lca for some travel
Pinto shocks
Mono leaf/overload only
Raised front leaf mounting hole
Leaf spring sliders
Energy suspension bushings on front leafs
I don't remember what rear shocks it has
Raised exhaust

I hate the wheels but I paid 80$ for them and I can run 2wd fenders and untouched bedsides. I have a few more pics but Photobucket is being weird.

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