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Since I am a MOD now, I moved this here where it should be.

Well, today I had to pull out my moms 26' travel trailer to get her ready for next weekend for her. I got my sons truck put next to it where my frame from "The Beast" was. At least thats what is left. Almost a bare frame.
I put on the 15" chrome Pathys. slid on the 1/4 cab sleeper just so its not on the ground. My son likes it. It I dont put it on my truck, it just may end up on his.
The free motor I got from a friend in Shiner, TX is coming along. When I got it, the cylinders who only give me about 5 psi. Now I got #1 and 2 giving me 90 psi each and #3 and 4 are at about 60 psi. Marvels Mystery oil is the shit. So far every weekend I have been putting a little in and cranking it around. I have turned it so much that the oil in the pan is actually circulating all the way to the top onto the cam shaft. Until I get close to the 128 psi for the Z24, I then will remove the head and send it off to the machine shop for a thorough cleaning and what not. I have already let the boy take many parts to school for media blasting and hes got them primered. Now we have to get him some paint.
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