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We drove to Shiner, Texas today to get a free Z24 that was complete. It came out of an 86 Hardbody that was titled as an 85 720. Probably one of the first Hardbodies to hit showrooms.
Three years ago, I got the transmission on a trade from the guy. Some time before that this guy removed said motor and tranny to put in a 283 Camaro V-8 engine and T5 tranny. Then removed the bed and put on a flat bed to use as a farm truck. Sometime after I got the tranny, he sold the truck(with a bed he got from a guy in Lousiana), along with 2 4x4 720's and a 4 door Pathy with a bad tranny for $2000. Dam I wish he had called me first, I would have bought the reg cab with the V-8.
Also picked up a set of 15" chrome Pathy wheels with super great tires for the truck for $100. Tires are a little bigger than what the boy needs for the truck but will work for now.
He then takes me in a building that looks like it might fall down anytime. His dad used to race back in the day. Used old Torinos and such. This building has enough Ford stuff to make a cool mint on used parts for people who are restoring cars to stock. Ford Cobra Jet motor intakes, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, etc. Even had 429 motors and all the trimmings.

After new rims and tires.
My stable of Nissan trucks includes:
1987 Nissan King Cab(full frame off Restoration).

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