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Default 94 4x4 front sway bar end links too short?

Ok guys, the job has been driving me nuts and I don't understand why it is being so difficult. Took the old sway bar off with wheels on the ground to replace end links/bushings/ and bar bushings. Discovered the LCA end link mount point to be wallowed out so probably need to replace the LCAs but it's not gonna happen right now. I just need to get this sway bar back on so I have wheels and it just won't go.

Ordered the Moog K700525 kits. Have tried installing it with the wheels on and off the ground and with the nut at the top (as the service manual shows). The end link bolts just seem too short, I can get one side bolted up but there's nowhere near enough bolt/thread to get the other side mounted on its link. Shouldn't the sway bar be unloaded with the wheels on the ground and very simple to connect to the end links? It seems like the only way I'd even be able to start the second end link nut would be to put massive force on the bar to try and push it down on the free end.

On another note, I checked the length of the end link bolt and spacer in the K700525 kit and they don't match (bolt length= 5.325", spacer length = 0.1875") the specs Moog gives (bolt length=4.25", spacer length = 0.42"). The hardware is also grade 5, maybe zinc plated but definitely not grade 8 like the spec for the kit calls out.

I also noticed that Moog calls out another kit for the 4x4 front, k9224, which is supposed to have bolt length=4.43" and spacer = 0.63" so not sure what the hell is going on with that.

Also just FYI I tried installing the bar the opposite way, just incase it was installed backward the time before, makes no difference. The end links that were on there were chewed to hell and the bolts were actually shorter than the k700525 I have but equal to the k700525 spec (4.25")...

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